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Actions To Take If Personal Injury Negotiations Lead To An Impasse

Not all accident victims elect to retain a lawyer. Those that do not must negotiate with the insurance adjuster, after filing a personal injury claim. Some adjusters refuse to make a reasonable off. If a claimant comes up against such an adjuster, what should he or she do?

The value of persistence

If a claimant persists with requests for a fair and reasonable offer, that can wear-down the adjuster’s resistance. Adjusters get demands from their superior to handle other cases. A claimant’s persistent demands reduces the adjuster’s ability to handle those other cases.

Consider a possibility

If a claimant is not satisfied with an insurance company’s efforts to satisfy that same claimant’s demands, the dissatisfied claimant has the right to file a personal injury lawsuit, with the help of an Accident Lawyer in Waterloo. That is the first step in an effort to sue the insurance company.

If an insurer learns that a claimant has filed a personal injury lawsuit, then the insurer has the claimant’s file moved from the adjuster’s desk to the desk of an insurance company lawyer or a claims manager. Adjusters do not like to have cases taken from them.

Understand that this possibility can only be considered by someone that does not have uninsured motorist coverage or no-fault insurance. Those special types of insurance were created in order to limit the number of times that any claimant might feel compelled to file a personal injury lawsuit against an insurance company.

It might be time to consult a lawyer

The victim of an accident can consult with a lawyer, without retaining that same attorney. Sometimes a lawyer’s experience provides that member of the legal profession with the ability to identify a legal theory that should be mentioned to the adjuster.

The presentation of that new legal theory could cause the adjuster to make a more reasonable offer. If the consulted lawyer charges for the time spent doing a large amount of research, the claimant has the right to put a limit on the number of hours during which the lawyer’s review of the claimant’s case shall take place.

A lawyer’s study of the claimant’s case might lead to discovery of a new angel, a new way to approach the quest for a fair compensation. Ideally, this discovery gets made well before the deadline that has been set by the statute of limitations. What might be discovered?

It could be discovered that one of the passengers in the claimant’s damaged vehicle had developed late-appearing symptoms. Then the doctor’s observations and suggested treatment could be shared with the adjuster. Each of those, the doctor’s observations and treatment procedure could serve as a reason for asking the adjuster to increase the size of the offered compensation.