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Actions To Take If Your Disability Benefits Are Denied

If you have become disabled, but your insurance company has denied your request for disability benefits, do not feel unsure about what actions you should take. There are things that you can do, in order to increase your chances for obtaining the desired financial assistance.

Typical reason for denial of disability benefits

An insurance company might feel pushed to deny disability benefits to a policy holder, if the medical records for that same person do not show the extent of the accident’s effect on that policy holder’s life.

Suggested actions for someone that has been denied disability benefits Personal Injury Lawyer in Waterloo is of the view that you need to have the insurance company explain in writing the reason that the disability benefits have suddenly been denied. Obtain evidence that throws into question the veracity of the excuse given as the reason for the denial of disability coverage. Such evidence can usually be found in the policy holder’s medical records.

Study the type of benefits that have been denied.

Someone that has learned about the denial of short term disability benefits has the right to apply for long term disability coverage. If the long term coverage gets denied, as expected, then a lawyer for the denied policy holder can compare the reason given for each decision. The case for denying short term coverage should support or complement any denial of long-term coverage.

Lawyers encourage their clients to take the above action, if any one of them has faced obstacles, during a quest for disability insurance. Any accident victim that has been recovering at home for 15 or more weeks has the right to apply for long term disability benefits.

Advantages to seeking legal help

An attorney can help a client to go online and set up a My Service Canada account. Once a former Canadian worker has set up such an account, then he or she can go online and check on the status of a disability claim. That provides the denied policy holder with more time in which to plan a response.

If a request for assistance with long term disability issues has been denied, then the denied policy holder has sound reason for seeking a review of the insurance company’s decision. Policy holders with a lawyer have ready access to someone that can advocate for such a review. The lawyer’s actions help to make completion of the desired review more likely.

Completion of a review does not guarantee the acceptance of a claim. Still, if a policy holder’s claim gets denied more than once, it helps to have an attorney, a member of the legal profession that stands ready to demand an explanation. The strength of a lawyer’s demand can be increased by collection of pertinent and revealing evidence.