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Analyzing Process For Settling A Dog Bite Claim

Anyone that has become the target of a dog’s teeth has the right to file a personal injury claim. Personal injury lawyers have learned that there are some unique factors that have the ability to influence the amount of money received from a dog bite settlement.

Two factors influencing any case where a canine bit the victim

The extent to which the dog owner has felt motivated to settle: Owners that sense a strong likelihood for being found at-fault tend to favor settling, over the prospect of losing a court case. An owner’s inability to dream up any sort of defense can also work to trigger an urge to work towards a settlement.

The significance of the claimant’s losses: This refers to more than just the size of any visible teeth marks. Rather, it underscores the fact that not every wound heals rapidly, and without complications. Wounds on an adult heal more slowly than those on a youth. Furthermore, there is always the chance that an injured patch of skin might become infected.

Factors that could influence a bitten claimant’s choice for a personal injury lawyer

The location of the biting incident tends to affect the size of any settlement. The suit must be filed in the judicial district where the incident took place. Suits that have been filed in rural districts generally end with the victim settling for a smaller amount of money.

The frequency with which the claimant’s chosen personal injury lawyer in Waterloo has taken a case to court also affects the settlement’s size. An insurance company would have more reason to offer a larger amount of money, if it felt that the case could make its way to a courtroom. That would be especially true in areas that come under one further influence.

Did the biting incident take place in an area where there is a history of dog attacks? If that were to be the case, then the victim would have better chance for winning a large award, if the case were to go to court.

Another factor that could complicate the pre-settlement negotiations

The length of the negotiations could get extended, if the victim were someone that was self-employed. In that case, the defense attorney might ask for more than one document, as proof of the victim’s earnings, before a canine had attacked him or her.

The copy of the past year’s tax return could be used as one document. Still, an attorney could ask for others.In that case, the copied pages of an accountant’s books might provide sufficient information. Also, any records that showed the amount of money received from customers in a typical day. Victims with adequate evidence should manage to win a fair settlement.