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Can You Be Compensated For Car Accident Injuries If You Had No Insurance?

If you were foolish enough to drive around without insurance, and then you got hit by a reckless driver, you could seek some form of compensation. Still, you should expect to receive only a limited amount of money.

Think twice about where you drive, if you do not have insurance.

If you were to travel into a no-fault state, then you could not sue any driver, unless the driver that caused the accident had forced you to suffer serious injuries.

You could anticipate getting some money as compensation for your medical expenses. Still, you would not be able to get compensated for any non-economic losses. That would include pain and suffering, inconveniences, any physical impairment, and any degree of disfigurement.

At-fault states do make one exception to that general rule. An uninsured driver does have the right to collect for all damages, if he or she has been hit by a driver that was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Imagine the worst-case scenario

Suppose you were driving around without insurance and you failed to see a stop sign. You went through the stop sign and hit a car that was entering that same intersection. If you were unlucky enough to injure the driver in the other vehicle, then you could get sued. Because you had failed to buy insurance, you would face the prospect of dealing with a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a Car Accident Lawyer in Waterloo. You might learn about subrogation actions in the wrong way.

A subrogation action is an attempt by some institution that has offered financial assistance to an injured driver or passenger to get back some of the money that it paid out in the form of compensation. Insurance companies cannot afford to cover the expenses of every policy holder that gets hit by an uninsured driver.

For that reason, an insurance company that has covered the expenses of a policy holder, when that same person was hit by an uninsured driver, would hope to get some of that money back. Hence it might launch a subrogation action against that same driver. Some institutions might initiate a similar action against an insurance company. That could be case, if a driver’s health insurance had covered the injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The health insurance would want to get back from the car insurance company the money that it spent on the driver’s medical expenses.

When health insurance companies can go after an automobile insurance company, then it stands to reason that a car insurance company could do likewise. In other words, it would have a right to seek money from the uninsured driver that was responsible for a certain policy holder’s injury.