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Dangers Linked To Winter Travel On Roadways Used By Trucks

The members of the government that have become responsible for maintenance of traffic safety cannot control the seasonal changes in the weather. Still, those same authorities do have the ability to issue warnings to the public.

In Canada, the number of trucks on the roadways increases during the winter holidays. Some of those larger transport vehicles get used for shipping goods to retail stores. Some smaller trucks make local deliveries. All that takes place during a time when snow and/or ice could be on the road’s surface.

Best practices for motorists at that time of year:

• When planning a trip, allow extra time for any weather-related problems.
• Always maintain a safe speed, when traveling on the road.
• Keep a safe distance from any vehicle that happens to be in front of you.

Tips for truck drivers

• Do your best to avoid fatigue, while trying to meet your assigned schedule.
• Always proceed with a generous amount of caution.

The possible reasons for a trucking accident, in any kind of weather:

Either the truck driver or the motorist has chosen to exceed the speed limit. As a vehicle speeds along, it becomes harder for the driver to stop to stop that same set-of-wheels in a hurry. Hence, it is more likely to crash into an oncoming vehicle, or one that has come to a standstill.

It could be that the truck’s owner or the trucking company has failed to keep the truck in good working order. Alternately, it could be that the owner of an automobile has not invested in the proper maintenance of that same vehicle. In either case, some component might function improperly. That poor-performing component could then act to trigger a truck-automobile collision.

Either of the drivers might have had their attention diverted from the roadway. The most likely tool for encouraging such a diversion would have been a hand-held device. Drivers of all sorts have been found using such a device, while sitting behind the steering wheel of a fast-moving set-of-wheels.

The three reasons listed above by Injury Lawyer in Waterloo can apply to either the truck and driver, or to some smaller vehicle and the motorist driving it. The final reason on this list of possible reasons for an accident would not apply to an automobile; however, it could apply to a truck.

If a truck’s cargo shifts back and forth, while it is being transported over a series of roadways, that movement can hamper the driver’s ability to steer the loaded means of on-road transport. Obviously, if a driver’s ability to steer has been hampered, the chances for some type of accident increase. In other words, shifting cargo has been identified as the possible cause of a trucking accident.