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Evidence Studied By Court Before Determining Fault In Car Crash Case

If the injured victim of a car crash chooses to pursue a lawsuit against the other driver, then a judge and jury in a court will determine who should be named at fault for that tragic on-road incident. The decision gets based on the presented evidence.

What items might have been found at the crash site?

• Were there any tire tracks on the road, or in the mud at the side of the road? Was there any damage on road signs or signal lights in the area?

• What evidence might be found on any of the vehicles involved in the crash?

• Where on each vehicle was the damage located? Did any of the vehicles carry paint markings that appeared to have come from one of the other vehicles?

Witness statements

Injury Lawyer in Waterloo knows that taking witness statements is important. Had any statement been obtained from an eyewitness? Had any statement been taken from one or more of the victims? Did any bystander offer a statement?

Photographs and video footage

Were there photographs of the damaged vehicles? Were there photographs of the crash site? Did any store or parking lot in the area have a video camera? If so, had any video footage been obtained from such a camera? Did any of the involved vehicles have a Dash camcorder? Was it functioning in the minutes that led up to the crash?

Evidence of a ticket issued

Did any of the involved drivers get issued a ticket during the period that preceded the crash? Did that ticket indicate the violation of a traffic law? Did it show a breach of duty on the part of the driver?

Evidence found in an insurance claim?

Has the owner of any damaged vehicle submitted an insurance claim? If so, what did it indicate about the value of the damages? That value would offer some indication as to the extent of the damage.

Significant facts in hospital documents

What observations did doctors that examined any of the victims make? Did the doctors ask that tests be performed on any of the same victims? Did they call for the completion of any imaging studies?

Accident reconstruction

Was a computer program used to complete an accident reconstruction? If so, what did that reconstruction suggest, regarding who should be named as the person at-fault for the studied crash?

Possible other facts of interest

Had any of the involved vehicles been named in a recall by the manufacturer? Had any of the involved vehicles recently undergone some type of inspection, or some form or repair? Were any of the involved drivers fond or doing DIY repair work? If so, had they recently completed a project that involved using some sort of ordered or purchased part?