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Exploring The Legal Matters Surrounding Injuries Caused In Public Transportation

Chances are that you have stumbled on the bus before if you didn’t get the chance to sit down before the driver pulls away from the bus station. But what if the driver is forced to hit the brakes hard and unexpectedly in order to avoid collision? What if you get injured in that scenario? Would you be able to claim for compensation?

Legal Situation

For a few years, bus riders in Ontario were no longer able to file a claim for accident benefits if their injuries do not stem from a collision. So even if the driver had to hit the brakes hard and you hit your head or fell down, you will still not be able to pursue benefits unless the bus did not come to a halt on time and a collision still occurred.If your injuries are severe enough and you require coverage for lost wages, medical expenses, or any other accident related expenses, then your only way of obtaining that coverage is by filing a lawsuit. Only a lawyer can help you with the whole process. It is important to find a lawyer that can work with you at every step.

Who to Sue In Order To Obtain Compensation?

Thus, the bus driver hit the brakes to avoid collision and that is why you got injured. So now you are left with medical bills and no chance of obtaining accident benefits, and you are left with only one option: filing a lawsuit. But against who?

Chances are, you didn’t memorize the license plate of the vehicle the bus nearly collided with so you will not be able to tell that to the Personal Injury Lawyer in Waterloo. However, that does not mean all hope is lost. According to the Unidentified and Uninsured Motorist Coverage, your entitlement to compensation remains intact. In Ontario, every motor vehicle, buses included, are obligated to be covered by a policy that includes unidentified and uninsured motorist provisions with an upper limit of $200,000. Regardless of how many claimants there are for one accident, that upper limit remains and will need to be divided among claimants.

Furthermore, all Ontario residents are also obligated to possess uninsured coverage for each and every one of their insurance contracts or policies. That way, even if another party involved in your accident is uninsured or unidentified, you will still be provided with coverage. In the case of a hard braking, the bus driver will be the one to take on the role of the uninsured/unidentified driver which makes your recoverable amount a maximum of $200,000.