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FAQ About Dealing With Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies may want to talk to you to discuss your personal injury accident after you have been involved in a personal injury accident. Make sure you do the following during these initial conversations:

● Be polite
● Make sure to get the names of the person who you are speaking, the insurance company that they work for, and the policy holder
● Only give the adjuster your name and phone number
● Don’t tell the adjuster anything about your accident or injuries
● Resist the push to accept the first settlement offer
● Make sure to document the entire call thoroughly

How do I make a claim for the injuries?

The first step is to determine that the insurance company is responsible for paying for the injuries. The second step is to gather all evidence to support your demand letter. The third step is to give a demand letter to the insurance company. Note that you should create a demand letter in the presence of a personal injury lawyer in Waterloo. The demand letter should discuss the legal arguments in detail. These include:

● The reasons why the at-fault party is legally liable for the accident-related injuries
● The nature and extent of your injuries
● The types and cost of your medical treatment
● How much income you have lost because of your injuries?
● The extent of the other damages that you have suffered

Make sure that you end your demand letter with a lump sum amount that you want the insurance company to pay you.

How do insurance companies decide how much they’ll pay to compensate someone for their injuries?

The final settlement amount really will depend on the negotiations that your lawyer manages with the insurance company. That said, insurance companies and lawyers will calculate a compensation range for injuries. To give an estimate, the insurance company needs to pay you for:

● Medical care
● Lost income
● Permanent and temporary pain, other discomforts, and disabilities
● Loss of enjoyment of life.

The insurance adjuster will use a standard formula to calculate compensation.

If I have health insurance or paid sick leave from work, will that limit my potential settlement amount?

No, because the insurance adjuster is only concerned with calculating the settlement that you need from your personal injury accident. That said, you may have to reimburse your own insurance company for any money that they give you before you get your final settlement.

How does the insurance claims process work?

There are certain steps you must follow if you want to file a claim with an insurance company. First, you must notify the defense that you’ve been injured and that you are going to file a claim against them. Second, gather the evidence that will prove that the defendant is guilty of the accident.

Thirdly, write a good demand letter stating your settlement demand, the reasons justifying that amount, the nature and extent of your injuries, and the evidence that you have to prove all of that.