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For What Damages Can You Be Compensated After Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

The person that has been injured in an accident has the legal right to hire a personal injury lawyer and to file a personal injury claim. That same accident victim hopes to get compensated for any accident-linked losses. What types of losses get compensated?

The law provides a way for victims to recover money for damages with the assistance of an Accident Lawyer in Waterloo. Those could be physical, emotional or psychological damages. It is important that the victims must follow a set procedure in order to get compensated for any loss.

Victims must prove certain points.

An injured victim must prove that the person or organization against whom a claim has been filed had a duty of care towards’ the injured party. In addition, the victim’s evidence should show that the same person breached his or her duty of care. Finally, the victim’s claim has to be backed by proof that the breach of care resulted in the occurrence of an accident, an event that ended in injuring the claimant/victim.

Unless a victim’s evidence supports the claims presented to the court, the victim’s injuries must go uncompensated. On the other hand, victims that can produce the required proofs do enjoy access to a whole list of compensations.

For what damages does the victim get compensated?

Money spent on medical expenses: This includes money for rehabilitation costs, as well as reimbursement for the costs of physical therapy or occupational therapy.

Reimbursement for lost wages. Following most accidents, it is the victim’s responsibility to document the level of earnings that he or she has enjoyed on a weekly basis. Victims of a workplace injury do not have the same responsibility.

Money as compensation for scarring or disfigurement; reimbursement for the costs of medications used on the scarred or disfigured body part.

Money as compensation for the need to deal with a disability; reimbursement for the costs of equipment, such as a wheelchair or crutches.

Money for pain and suffering; in Ontario the amount of this award cannot exceed $366,000, unless the victim suffered a catastrophic injury, as the result of a motor vehicle accident.

Rules that apply to compensation of victims in Ontario:

If victims of a motor vehicle accident accept the benefits provided by the province, then those same men and women forego their ability to charge someone as being “at fault” for that same collision.

Ontario has put a cap on the amount of money that anyone can get awarded for pain and suffering. Still, a lawyer can help a victim to maximize the payments that are available for other types of damage. That would include the payments for emotional or psychological injuries.

If the accident took place at the victim’s workplace, the financial compensation comes from the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB).