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How Difficult Would It Be For Claimant To Win PTSD Claim?

The court usually seeks testimony from an expert. Injury Lawyers in Waterloo must strive to satisfy the court’s request.

What is the role of the expert witness?

The expert’s knowledge is supposed to aid with an assessment of the facts. These experts have a level of experience that the jurors lack. Introduction of an expert’s testimony, on behalf of the plaintiff provides the defense team with a reason for calling up its own expert witness.

What elements should be present in suitable testimony from any of the testifying experts?

An explanation of the method used for diagnosing PTSD and evidence that the plaintiff had exhibited the symptoms associated with PTSD:

–Had experienced a stressful event
–Had reported having suffered repeated dreams, thoughts and flashbacks
–Evidence of anxiety, especially when around people or places that had a link to the stressful event.
–Disruption of the plaintiff’s daily life, as the result of factors related to the PTSD’s existence

An attitude and demeanor that has managed to add to the credibility of the witness

How might an expert called up by the defense team alter the facts, as presented to the jury by any witnesses that had spoken on behalf of the plaintiff?

That expert’s testimony might place a different emphasis on certain of the procedures used for diagnosing the condition that has given rise to a dispute (PTSD). Not all experts view the same situation as one that would qualify as a stressful event.

Experts’ opinions on anxiety do not always agree. Consequently, the witness/expert for the defense might argue that the plaintiff had failed to exhibit the classic signs of anxiety, especially with respect to specific people and places.

Experts’ views on when a patient should be seeking a doctor’s assessment of anxiety symptoms would also vary, from one witness to the next. That fact could be used by the defense, if it wanted to suggest that the deadline, for filing a lawsuit, had passed.

That deadline exists because the statute of limitations has established a starting point. That is the time when the victim suffers an injury, or becomes aware of the fact that he or she has suffered an injury.

Not all of the experts could be counted on to have the same view, regarding when a given victim should have become aware of the fact that he or she had an added amount of anxiety. So, the jurors would have to decide on their own whether or not the plaintiff-lawyer team had missed the deadline. Thus, it is important that you discuss all aspects of the case with your lawyer to ensure no evidence is lost.