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How To Deal With Attorney’s Refusal To Take Your Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury attorney handles the tasks that the injured victim cannot perform on his/her own. Personal injury lawyers in Waterloo perform the tasks that the typical accident victim has not been trained to accomplish with relative ease. Still, there are times when an approached attorney might refuse to handle a certain victim’s case.

Times when the victim that has received the refusal should try consulting with other lawyers:

When the consulted attorney’s understanding of the applicable laws seems lacking

When the understanding of injury lawyer in Waterloo about the facts related to the presented case appears to be lacking

When first consultation shows that approached lawyer does not have a record of success with handling injury cases

When victim has scheduled the first consultation with a lawyer that had not been recommended by a relative, friend, neighbor, or co-worker.

Actions that any victims should take, before arranging to get another attorney’s opinion:

Learn more about the first lawyer’s refusal to take the presented case; what was the reason for his/her declination of the chance to handle that particular case?

—Does the case appear unwinnable?
—Does the prospective client have unreasonable expectations?

Find out if the reason was not related to the facts related to the victim’s argument/case.

—Perhaps the first attorney’s schedule was already full.
—Maybe a conflict of interest had forced the declination: Sometimes one of an attorney’s present clients might have some connection to the prospective client.

Victims that have undertaken the above actions should be better able to select their path forward, after receiving the 1st refusal.

Those that have chosen, at random, someone from the legal community should go online and read the testimonials, or seek a recommendation from relatives, friends, neighbors or co-workers.

If the first consultation had failed to acquaint the consulted professional with the facts, concerning the injury-causing accident, then the victim should review the known facts, before arranging to speak with any other lawyers’. What other information might be added, when consulting with another member of the legal profession?

A victim’s analysis of his/her motivations might be called for: Was the injured victim seeking some form of revenge against the responsible driver? If that were the case, then that sort of thinking could become the reason for refusals from a long list of those that have joined the legal profession in the victim’s home state.

Do not push to add to lawyers’ agendas, when any numbers of those same professionals already have a full load of cases. Instead, try to find some legal mind that would have the time and experience required, in order to do a good job of representing and advocating for an accident victim that needed assistance with a personal injury claim.