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Journey Taken By Accident Victim That Plans To File Insurance Claim

The type of injury suffered by the victim of an accident determines the nature of the first step in the process of filing a claim. The claim must get filed in the proper manner.

What methods for filing a claim get used by different accident victims?

• The victim of an automobile accident files with the insurance company of the at-fault driver.
• The victim of a slip and fall incident files with the owner of the premises on which the incident took place, or to the building manager.
• A pedestrian that gets hit by a motor vehicle needs to file a claim with the auto insurance company of the at-fault driver.

Victims of a pet attack must file a claim with the pet owner’s insurance company. If the pet owner is also a homeowner, then that would mean contacting the home insurance company. If the pet and owner reside in an apartment, then the target of the pet’s attack should find out if the renter had purchased occupier’s liability insurance. A former patient that plans to enter a medical malpractice claim should notify the appropriate doctor or medical institution, as per Personal Injury Lawyer in Waterloo.

Questions that ought to be considered by anyone that plans to file an insurance claim

Is this a 1st party or a 3rd party claim? The person injured during the course of the accident could make a 1st party claim. If an employer’s project got interrupted by a worker’s need to recover from an accident, the employer might feel compelled to make a 3rd party claim.

What specific facts about the injury and the accident should be mentioned on a completed claim form? A lawyer would know the answer to that question. That fact underscores the wisdom behind hiring a lawyer.

What are the time limits that have been set by the office that receives notification of a claim? That office will not accept a claim form that gets submitted after the deadline. The submission of a completed claim form follows the filing of a claim. An attorney should know the deadline, or be able to discover that date.

How will the value of the claim be calculated? Sometimes a lawyer can tell from a description of the accident what the claim’s value might be, even without doing any calculations. Sometimes it helps to consult with an attorney before filing a claim.

Some people learn it the hard way, when they suffered a mild injury from a collision. Most of the people hope to get money from the other driver’s insurance company. But if they learned that the evidence did not support their statement, which claimed that the other driver had caused the accident by hitting the injured driver’s car, the compensation awarded was affected.