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Should You Handle Your Personal Injury Claim Without A Lawyer’s Assistance?

The reason that someone with a personal injury claim might decide to forge ahead without a personal injury lawyer in Waterloo should be easy to recognize. The whole list of reasons for thinking twice, regarding the wisdom behind such a move, might not enter the head of someone that lacked a strong legal background.

Major reason for choosing to do without an injury lawyer

Someone that hires an injury lawyer to help with a personal injury claim has to pay that same legal assistant a contingency fee. True, it is just a percentage of the money rewarded to the claimant. Still, some claimants feel pressured by their circumstances to save money in any way possible.

Reasons to think twice, before attempting self-representation

The court expects someone that is filing certain papers to meet specific deadlines. If you do not know the deadlines, or if you cannot keep track of the date that corresponds with a given deadline, then you should seek a lawyer’s services. You may not be ready to raise a strong argument, while negotiating with the insurance adjuster. Lawyers have extensive experience in handling negotiations. Their approach is both courteous and forceful.

While you might not have to pay a contingency fee, you will have to pay up front, in order to cover all court costs. What expenses give rise to such court costs? Those are things like a copying fee, a filing fee, payment for serving pleadings, payment for depositions, and the cost of getting experts to testify at discovery and at the trial.

Although you might be able to resolve your case without an injury lawyer’s help, you could deprive yourself of all the money that you deserve. Lawyers know how to go after reimbursement for each of the losses that a client has suffered. Lawyers strive to provide each of their clients with a reward that represents the full value of their case. You cannot do that on your own.

In the absence of a lawyer, you will need to deal with something called a personal injury lien resolution. That is the method for returning to a health care insurer the money that was paid to a hospital, a doctor or a different medical facility. A health insurer paid that money before you got compensated for your losses.

Your compensation covered the cost of your treatment, including any doctor’s visits, or any time in the hospital. You should reimburse your health insurer, using some of the funds that you received. You have a legal obligation to carry out that action. That is why personal injury lawyers always perform that specific task for their clients. Did those reasons get you thinking? Think hard, before you rule out the hiring of an injury lawyer.