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Statements To Avoid At The Scene of A Car Accident

The drivers involved in a car accident do have to speak with each other. They need to exchange their contact information, and the information on their automobile insurance. Still, there are certain statements that neither driver should make.

Never apologize

Even if you did cause the accident, do not say, “I’m sorry.” That is like an admission of liability. Speak to a lawyer before you say anything that could hint at your willingness to admit responsibility for what has happened.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Waterloo should be able to find out what actions were taken by the person that you hit. Did that man or woman seek immediate medical attention? If not, then their case has been weakened. By working with your lawyer, you might be able to handle the consequences of your own actions.

Do not say, “I’m OK.”

You might not see of feel any injuries, but you could have an unseen injury. That is why every accident victim should arrange to see a doctor as soon as possible. Otherwise, the victim’s chances for winning a fair compensation have been weakened. If you do not go to a hospital of clinic from the accident site, do so within the next 24 hours. Also make sure that a physician sees any passengers, no matter how young they might be.

After a minor accident, do not encourage the other driver to forget about calling the insurance company.

At that time, that another driver might feel as you do. In other words, that other driver might feel that money could be saved by not telling the insurance company. Then each of you would have to pay out-of-pocket for any needed repairs.

Suppose, though that the other driver learned from the doctor about the existence of a serious injury. In that case, he or she would want to notify the insurance company. As a result, your own insurance company would learn about the accident.

Your own insurance company would realize that you had failed to report an accident. Consequently, you could need to deal with some serious consequences.

Avoid speculation.

Do not speculate about what might have happened. That is the job of the investigators and the insurance adjuster.

You could take pictures of any damage, or of your injuries. You should jot down everything that you recall, once you get back to your residence. If you wind up in the hospital, share your story with someone that has agreed to record what you have to say.

You could work with a lawyer to collect useful evidence. In that way, you could present evidence that would support your case. Your lawyer should know how to make good use the collected evidence.