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Understand The Consequences of A Hit And Run Accident

When an accident first happens, you may find yourself overwhelmed with emotions. You may feel guilty, mad, confused, and frustrated. You may even feel like running away from the scene of the accident. Here are a few things to know before you react to an accident:

Each state requires that the drivers stop at the scene of an accident as long as it is safe to do this. By running away from the scene of an accident can mean legal charges can be filed against you. If you are the cause of a hit and run, your license can be suspended or even revoked. In some cases, your vehicle insurance could cancel too.

What Is a Hit and Run Car Accident?

A hit and run can occur for a number of reasons. An accident is considered a hit and run if you are involved in an accident and then leave the scene without stopping to identify yourself. You may strike a vehicle or a pedestrian. When you leave the scene, you are unable to deliver first aid to whomever may be in need. In some states, the definition of a hit and run could also be associated with an animal.

In some states, it doesn’t matter if you caused the accident or not. Just by leaving the scene, you appear to be guilty. There are certain instances where you would need to leave the scene in order to get help. Maybe the cell phone service isn’t good there; this may be considered an exception to the rule if you come back after making your emergency call to get help.

In most states, the hit and run doesn’t need to occur on a highway or any other public road. It could happen in a parking lot too. For example, you hit a parked car in the parking lot that is unoccupied and you do not leave your contact information on the windshield.

Civil Penalties for Hit and Run

There is also the possibility that if a person is injured in an accident that you run from, they could sue for damages they suffer in court. If this type of law suit happens, you may be forced to pay monitory compensation for loss of wages, medical expenses, property damage and more. It’s important to note that whether you leave the scene of an accident or not, you may still be sued if you caused an accident, as per personal injury lawyer in Waterloo.

The courts may also increase the amount the victim asks for If you are found guilty of a hit and run, in fact, some states will impose punitive damages on a driver that is found guilty of a hit and run. This type of damage is called Treble damages. In most cases, insurance will not pay for this type of damages and it will need to come out of your pocket.