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What Actions Should You Take If You Are Sued?

Someone that has worked hard to follow the law can get quite upset, if he or she becomes the target of a lawsuit. Still, the right actions can force an opposing party to abandon that lawsuit.

Steps to take, in hopes of encouraging a settlement

After receiving notice of plans to sue you, contact the insurance company that has promised to provide you with liability protection.

See if the plaintiff plans to take the case to small claims court. If that is the case, you may not need to hire a lawyer. Otherwise, it makes sense for the person being sued to hire a lawyer. On the other hand, if you struggle to tell a story, then you should definitely give serious though to hiring an Injury Lawyer in Waterloo.

Save all the relevant information, especially the evidence that casts the greatest amount of doubt on the veracity of the defendant’s case.

An attitude that increases the chances for a settlement, instead of a jury verdict.

Working patiently with the system. Do not fight with the judge.

Be pragmatic, especially if a settlement gets offered.

Keep the goals of the legal system in mind.

The legal system was not designed to help a plaintiff win a stiff punishment for a defendant. It is supposed to guide members of the public towards resolution of a given problem. The judge would like to see the 2 sides resolve the issue on their own.

Presentation by the plaintiff of all the relevant information can hasten the attainment of a settlement. In addition, it can strengthen the defendants’ case, in the eyes of a judge. Moreover, the availability of evidence can make it easier for a lawyer to share a reasonable story.

Remember that a settlement can be agreed to at any time, even in the midst of a court trial. Members of the court always stand ready to postpone the proceedings, in order to set-aside time for reaching a settlement. That is why a defendant should be pragmatic, if a settlement gets offered.

It might sound more pleasing to shoot-down the argument made by the person that has sued you. Still, that might only get accomplished if you spend many more hours in the courtroom. If you feel that your time is valuable, then you ought to think seriously about settling with the other party.

Your lawyer will be present, so the plaintiff should suggest a fair settlement. Moreover, as the 2 sides make their statements, the judge gets to rehear the case being made by each lawyer. If your side has a strong argument, it could influence the judge’s decision, even if there is no settlement, and the trial resumes at that point.