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What Do You Do After You’re Involved In A Crash With A Bicyclist?

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that bicyclists are considered to be motorists even if they don’t drive vehicles. They are expected to take every precaution possible to make sure that they don’t get into an accident. However, since Murphy’s Law applies, accidents with bicyclists are sometimes unavoidable. If you are ever involved in an accident with a bicyclist, you should do the following to ensure that you have the best recovery possible.

● Get medical help right away – your personal injury lawyer in Waterloo will tell you to call the paramedics and EMT/first responders to the accident scene as soon as possible. This will allow you to get medical attention right away. You’ll need this if you have sustained any injuries, no matter how minor.

● Make sure that the police arrive – personal injury lawyers know that the police need to be at the accident scene. The main reason why is to allow the officer to create a formal and official police report. You can use this report as valid evidence when filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the defendant.

● Never negotiate fault – personal injury lawyers know that negotiating fault is a big ‘no-no’ in an accident with a bicyclist. You may get the other party to admit fault initially but remember that he or she can always deny the fault later. For best results, allow the police to determine who is at fault. After all, they are trained in doing that!

● Be sure to provide your side of the story – the police are objective and neutral parties. They’ll listen to each side impartially before deciding. The officer can’t make the right decision if you don’t tell him or her your side of the story.

● Get contact information – gather the necessary contact information from the other driver/cyclist. Also, be sure to get the contact information of other people who observed the accident scene. They can be used as valuable and credible witnesses in your personal injury claim or lawsuit.

● Document as much as possible – you need to document as much as possible from the accident scene as soon as possible. Your recollection of the accident will fade and change with time. If you want to win your personal injury claim or lawsuit, you need to make sure that you have as many relevant and accurate facts as possible.

● Be sure to document injuries – have your attending doctor include detailed descriptions and photos of your injuries in your medical records. If you didn’t guess it right, this documentation can be used as valuable evidence when you craft your personal injury claim or lawsuit.

● Keep evidence – be sure to hold onto pictures, clothing, or even bicycle gear that was involved in the accident. After all, you’ll never know when you’ll need it as evidence.

● Never talk to insurance companies – the other party’s insurance company will probably contact you to offer you a very low settlement. Don’t jump for it. You’ll lose your chance to sue the defendant for the larger settlement that you will need later on!

As is evident, bicycle accidents are complex. This is why you need an injury lawyer to help you win your claim or case either in or out of court.