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What If I Cannot Afford An Injury Lawyer After An Auto Accident?

The law in Ontario pushes some residents of that Province to ask the question that can be found in this article’s title. Such residents have experienced a loss, as the result of a car accident.

What is the law that triggers the asking of such a question?

Among the laws of Ontario is one that prevents performance of a certain act. That act consists of suing the other driver, if you are someone that has suffered a loss of property in a car accident. A resident of Ontario with a damaged vehicle, following a collision, has an optional route to follow. Someone that takes that route gets called on to file a claim with the insurance company that sold the same person a car insurance policy. The insurer gets expected to cover the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged vehicle.

How can someone pursue such a claim?

Someone that wanted to take that action would need to file a lawsuit. That would mean finding and hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Waterloo. The fee system used by such lawyers eliminates the client’s possible concern, regarding the lawyer’s affordability.

What is that fee system? It relies on the utilization of a contingency fee arrangement. The size of the lawyer’s fee is contingent upon the amount of money awarded to the client/plaintiff. The client agrees to give the hired attorney a given percent of the money awarded to that same client by the court.

Suppose the client loses in court and does not get any money, what happens then? If the client were to lose, the client’s legal representative (lawyer) would not receive any money from the unfortunate client/plaintiff. Understand, though, that such a situation rarely develops. That is due to the lawyers’ habit of consulting first with their possible clients.

During that consultation, an injury lawyer might discover that a potential client’s case appears rather weak. It might not have a sufficient amount of evidence. Alternately, it might lack proof that the other party should bear all the fault for that particular accident. Neither fact would suggest that a lawyer stood a good chance for winning such a case.

When lawyers consult with someone that hopes to file such a case, those same lawyers normally refuse to handle that potential client’s case. Their refusal reflects their lack of confidence in the chances for coming out a winner, if the same case gets heard in court. Because personal injury lawyers use a contingency fee arrangement, each of them feels free to refuse a client with a weak case.

So, the cost of a lawyer does not need to keep a resident of Ontario from obtaining good legal representation. Instead, weak cases can do that.