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Why A Personal Injury Lawyer Might Hesitate To Take Your Case

Anyone that has filed a personal injury claim has the right to seek a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Still, that consulted lawyer might not agree to take the claimant’s case.

What was the nature of the prospective client’s injuries?

Most lawyers that rely on payment from a contingency fee do not take clients that have only minor injuries. None of them would be expected to receive a very large compensation package.

Did the possible client offer a clear explanation for liability on the part of the disputing party?

Maybe that same aspiring client was in a collision in a parking lot. Perhaps there is no clear evidence that the other party was solely responsible for that same collision. It could be that both parties were partly responsible. Lawyers do not like to take a case in which the liability of one part is not clear.

How many other lawyers had the same person consulted?

Some people that have been in a car accident look for a way to make money. They consult with various Accident Lawyers in Waterloo. If one refuses to take their case, they consult with a different lawyer.

What was the client’s focus during the consultation?

Sometimes, when prospective clients meet with different lawyers, they keep repeating this question: How much money can I get by making this claim? Those are the same sort of people that are most apt to find that no attorney will represent them.

Who would be the target of the proposed lawsuit?

Generally, an attorney does not want to represent someone that is suing anyone that works for the government, unless the accident took place somewhere other than the possible defendant’s worksite.

Where did the accident that caused the injury take place?

Any lawyer prefers to handle cases that involve an incident that took place within his or her own legal jurisdiction. Otherwise, the consulted attorney could be expected to travel to the site of the deposition and possible hearing.

Traveling takes time and money. Few personal injury lawyers want to spend money on that sort of expense. Hence, they will refuse to take such a case.

One of the most common reasons for a lawyer’s refusal to take a case

Not every claimant makes a point of learning the statute of limitations for his or her state. Some of them start consulting lawyers after the deadline has passed. No lawyer would be willing to take the proposed case, in that situation.

In order for a lawsuit to proceed, it must be filed with the court. A court would not agree to file a case for which the claimant has missed the deadline. In other words, there would be no case.