About us

About BLW Injury Law Firm

At BLW Injury Law Firm, we are dedicated to seeing your case through and have the resources available to do so.  We know that getting results is what our clients expect from us.  This is exactly why we invest our energy, resources, and time into building your case.  With our years of combined experience and knowledge, we have built a reputation of honesty, integrity, and trust among our past clients.  Furthermore, we are guided buy our own experiences and ensure that you get to be aided by our success.

We have a staff of investigative professionals that we can call on to evaluate the cause of your accident and the circumstances surrounding it.  Our aggressive litigation tactics and our tenacious focus on the client’s rights that has helped us establish a reputation as outstanding legal advocates.  We have continued that tradition today.  No matter who you choose as your personal injury lawyer team in Waterloo, you can rest assured that they have experience at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

What Makes Us Different

The process of litigating personal injury cases and seeking a financial settlement can be a complex process.  Unless you’re fully aware of your rights during the legal process, you shouldn’t make any legal decisions without the proper representation.  We can help you navigate through the legal process and understand the rights you’re entitled to.  At BLW Injury Law Firm, we can:

  • Advise you of the benefits you’re entitled to because the insurance company might not provide that information
  • Help you get a fair and reasonable settlement to your claim, no matter what we must do to accomplish that goal
  • Provide investigative services for evaluating the nature and extent of your injuries as well as the circumstances surrounding your accident
  • Work with your medical treatment team and healthcare officials so you’re assured of receiving the care you need

When you’ve sustained injuries in an accident, the anxiety, fear, and stress you feel can be overwhelming.  Your injury lawyer in Waterloo and their support team will shoulder the burden for you by providing the legal representation you deserve.  We want you and every other client that contacts us for help to feel comfortable and have peace of mind knowing that your well-being is our #1 priority.

The need for an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Most personal injury cases have the tendency to be challenging and complex, which is why you shouldn’t attempt to file your claim without legal help.  The recovery period can be stressful enough when you’re trying to heal from your injuries and are attempting to put your life back together.  Now you must deal with a deluge of paperwork and questions from a range of professionals including insurance agents, law enforcement, and physicians.

This is a time when you need to focus on what’s most important – you and your recovery.  There are several reasons to consider hiring BLW Injury Law firm as your legal representatives:

  • WE are experienced with assessing claims like yours
  • WE can be objective when you’re unable to see the important facts of your case and make a rational decision
  • WE ensure that your rights will be protected throughout the legal process
  • WE have a network of investigators that will derive pertinent information about your case by evaluating the technical aspects of it
  • WE keep you informed and won’t let the insurance companies confuse you with their tactics or pressure you into settling for an unfair settlement
  • WE negotiate the ideal settlements without having to present your case in front of a judge and jury over 90% of the time
  • WE offer alternative dispute resolutions such as arbitration and mediation which can save you the emotional energy, money, and time of a jury trial
  • WE will help you navigate through the legal process and eliminate the red tape
  • WE work efficiently with the insurance companies and their lawyers

To schedule a FREE initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Waterloo, we encourage you to contact BLW Injury Law Firm today.