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Knowing What To Expect If You Are Injured Outside Canada By An Underinsured Driver

While motor vehicle insurance is mandatory in Ontario, the same cannot be said for people living in the United States. Because of this, Canadians who find themselves injured during a motor vehicle collision in the States, will often discover that the other involved parties are underinsured.

Coverage For Underinsured And Uninsured Motorists

On the bright side, most auto insurance policies will contain coverage for underinsured, and even fully uninsured, motorists, which will provide the Canadian with compensation for their losses in such an event. Additionally, this coverage also extends beyond Canada and into the United States.

Why Ontario Residents Receive Higher Settlements When Injured In the U.S.

It is also interesting to note that the residents of Ontario will generally have more rights when injured in the United States than if they had sustained the same injuries within the confines of Ontario. This is because motor vehicle collisions that take place in Ontario are also subjected to the local insurance laws which often serve the purpose of ensuring greater profit to the insurance company as opposed to providing accident victims with the compensation they are entitled to.

This is a fact that is made clear when we look at the deductible. The deductible is the amount that is taken from the victim’s claim and put directly into the savings of their insurer. Currently, the deductible amount sits at nearly $40,000.

If a resident is injured in the United States, however, their case will no longer be subjected to these laws. Instead, the liability laws of the state in which the accident took place will be applied to the case, which means no deductible for the Ontario insurance company, even though the claim will be advanced in the province. The damages laws of Ontario legislation also still apply, though that still excludes the threshold and deductible which have been categorized as liability laws.

In Conclusion

If you are a resident of Ontario and you are injured in a motor vehicle collision that took place in the United States, then it is highly likely that you will actually receive a higher and fairer settlement than if that same accident had taken place in your home province. This is because unfair Ontario liability laws will not apply to your case and no deductible or threshold will reduce your settlement amount and be put into the savings of your insurance company. You need to talk with your injury lawyer in Waterloo to know more about the whole procedure and how to take your claim forward. They will not only represent your rights but ensure that experienced advice is given.