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What To Avoid Saying of Doing After Filing Personal Injury Claim?

Perhaps you have learned the actions that anyone that has become involved in a car accident ought to take. Do you understand what the same person should or should not say or do, after filing a personal injury claim?

Actions to avoid

• Withholding information from a consulted or hired personal injury lawyer
• Sharing information with those besides the hired lawyer: That would include, other lawyers, adjusters, jurors, family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers.
• Spending time on social media sites
• Agreeing to sign any document, when your lawyer is not present
• Agreeing to provide the insurance company with a taped statement (unless your lawyer will be present during the taping session.)
• Feeling reluctant to fight an adjuster’s allegations, regarding the distribution of liability

Actions that should be taken

Make a point of keeping all the scheduled medical appointments. Failure to go to an appointment might be viewed as evidence that the reported injury was not really as bad as was claimed.

Talk with the treatment physician, before trying to determine whether or not the prescribed treatment has advanced to the stage where you are able to perform a given activity. This avoids the chance for getting photographed by surveillance, while doing something that a doctor has not authorized. Keep in close touch with your personal injury lawyer in Waterloo.

Mistakes that might be made by an injured victim, even before filing a personal injury claim

Failing to seek medical help as soon as possible

Assuming that, because the driver did not get injured, none of the other occupants in that driver’s vehicle were injured

Failing to let your personal physician know about the occurrence of an accident in which you might have been injured, even though no symptoms of an injury are present.

Failing to let a child’s pediatrician know about the occurrence of an accident that took place while the same child was riding in one of the involved vehicles.

Not consulting with a personal injury lawyer, in order to gain some insight into the chances that you might be able to claim more than loss of property, in other words more than just damage to a vehicle or other possession.

A victim with a pre-existing condition has failed to schedule a physical each year, one at which the appropriate specialist could have stated that the condition was under control. A doctor’s statement could be used to refute any allegation that a given victim’s condition was deteriorating even before the claim-related accident.

A victim with a pre-existing condition failed to get information on exactly what safeguards he or she should be taking, while taking part in certain activities such as driving. That would be a mistake, if the doctor had prohibited some activity.