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How Long Does A Whiplash Normally Last After An Accident?

If you ask your personal injury lawyer, he or she will tell you that a whiplash injury is one of the most common injuries for people to get in car accidents. Whiplashes tend to involve the entire back region, so they tend to be major. This is contrary to popular belief. If you have ever sustained a whiplash injury from a car accident, you are (unfortunately) all too familiar with the associated pain and other problems that can affect your daily life.

Whiplash after a car accident

You sustain a whiplash injury whenever your neck moves backward and forwards violently and repeatedly during a traumatic event like a car accident. This injury has a snap-like motion and force. Your personal injury lawyer will inform you of this.

When you are involved in a whiplash injury, you often injure the soft tissue next to the bones in your neck. This tends to impair your life by not allowing you to enjoy the activities that you used to, mainly because of the intense pain. Most people sustain whiplash injuries in rear-end collisions. But they can occur in other types of car accidents as well.

If you live in Ontario and are the victim of a whiplash injury, there is hope for you. You need to hire a personal injury lawyer at this point since dealing with the insurance companies can be involved and complex.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

If you have been involved in a whiplash incident, you may be experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

● Neck pain that worsens every time you move
● Back pain
● Dizziness
● Problems seeing correctly
● Ringing in your ears
● Sleeping problems
● Concentration problems
● Weakness, pain, or tired arms

You want to see a doctor immediately to get the medical help you’ll need to keep your injuries and suffering from worsening. If you experience prolonged pain and/or suffering or new symptoms, you should see your doctor right away. Remember that some injuries and symptoms from whiplash can take a while to show up.

You can never tell how long a whiplash injury will last. This is because you can develop scar tissue that can be impairing. You can also develop a disability, disc herniation, pain, and depression for the rest of your life. Be sure to see your doctor immediately if you’re in pain for a while after your whiplash accident. You may have developed long-lasting complications because of it.

Also, be sure to hire a personal injury lawyer in Waterloo. This professional will help navigate you through the complex maze that personal injury law is. He or she will also help you get the settlement and medical help that you want and need.